Join us at the new home for Jane Kennard and the spirit guides online

new online home for Jane Kennard and the spirit guides, Circles Within Circles

Here at Circles Within Circles we have been working hard to develop a new and improved website with lots of additional features. If you’ve been following this site, you’ll find some differences with the new one, but all the years of postings with the wonderful, loving words of the spirit guides will continue to be there on the new website. The way to ask your questions of the guides will be simplified and there will be other options available to receive the wisdom from spirit. We thank you for your interest and trust in Jane Kennard and the Spirit Guides that speak through her. And we look forward to seeing you at our new website at

If you’re near Victoria, join us for an afternoon with Jane Kennard and the Spirit Guides on Saturday, June 13. See more about this event here.

Keeping yourself balanced and whole

A guide suggests ways to keep spirit and body in balance.


Every day say to yourself: I shall be balanced and whole.

For you know very well when you go too far in any one direction with your health you become confused as to what is right for you. Walk in a balanced world in a body that receives food, love, light, movement.

Give attention to each part of you. The multi-cellular organism that you developed as your body has many needs. As you very well know, if you do not listen to it, it will make you listen. There have been times when you’ve simply chosen to not observe changes in your body when it needed to be heard. You are now aware of this, and in many ways you thank your body for being present with you.

But remember to thank the greater you—to be in balance, your spirit and body.

Rumbling sounds — are they messages from the earth?

IMG_1648Lani asks about rumblings that seem to come from the sky. She says, “Initially I thought the sound was coming from an aircraft, however, nothing visible in sky. I also hear same sound – though not as loud – come from the ground from time to time. Are there any messages – warnings I should read from hearing these sounds?”

Sound, my dear, is a very important part of your being, sounds and feelings and senses. It is true, what you hear often is from airplanes that are a great distance away. Sound travels a great distance and has different levels and effects on different beings. Those that come from the earth are often from the surface of the earth and not from deep within. Sound has an effect on every cell of your being. Do not fear it. Try when these occur to be very open and allow the sound to move through you, then it will not be held to distort. But do not fear, blessed one, there is no great earthquake rumbling. There is nothing coming from the sky to harm you. It is simply sound.

You are a manifestation of some sound as well. So simply embrace it, and know that your world is very—well, not noisy, nor is it soundproof; it will always travel through you and around you. And bless you, my dearest. Fear it not. It is just a vibration.

There are some elements of sound that will be destructive. If the pitch is too high or too low it can distort some of the physical manifestations. But at this state in which you are hearing it, it does not harm.

When you talk about sounds being too high or low, do you mean sounds from loud speakers and that kind of thing, or sounds from the earth?

Both. They can be made by man and it can be physical, but most from the physical domain are not as harmful as those that are created by too high a state of friction. There are energies that flow from your solar system through your being constantly, and they will affect you. But if you live and walk in a very balanced way and do not hold or fear them. They cannot harm you. Fear harms you more than sound.

Hold the Space with Love and Light

IMG_0871A guide speaks on compassion and understanding for others:

The greatest thing that all physical beings can strive for is to be kind, to be compassionate, to try to understand what it would be like to dwell in another’s body or the place that another be in.

Know that as soon as you begin to judge… (which is a fairly natural state to be because eyesight is a great part of the physical world. And in that there is judgment, there is discernment. But which is it? Are you judging to make yourself feel something or simply to understand something?)….

Know that as soon as you begin to try to understand, to step into their world, or to step out of yours and witness you, then you can hold the space with love and light. That’s all. It isn’t about words always. It’s about opening your being to that amazing bliss that you fill with love.

Honour those you love by being the brilliant light you are


Alexandria asks for words to help her cope with guilt and grief over the loss of her two children.

I know you walk with such heaviness upon your earth. In many ways your senses are dulled because you feel you do not deserve to have any bright, amazing energy. I want you to reverse this thinking. You were willing to be the mother of these amazing beings, and in that there was a great gift you gave—and you received. It goes both ways: to be strong enough to allow a child to leave you, to be strong enough to have a child come through you.

To be willing, willing to stand in the midst of horror—and love. To be willing to stand up and hear the worst—and love, and embrace all that was wondrous. To move away the negative and to still see the bright shining face and know that there was a choice of learning. And not all learning is filled with happiness and peace; the greatest learning is filled with pain. And growth often has a bittersweet part to it.

You’ve walked this walk, blessed one. You are not to blame. You are to honour your being and those that you love by being the brilliant light you are. Oh, of course you could drag around some guilt if you wish, but is that helping your grandson? Is that truly helping you? Does that continue growth for you? No. You are too wise to believe this.

I know you won’t do it overnight, but I want you to put down that pain and just, even if for a moment in each day, think of something wonderfully happy about all beings. Not just your children but friends and loved ones, those that have hurt you, those that have left—and those that be willing to stand with you still. Find just a small moment and then each day stretch it to be a little bit bigger. It takes practice, but you can do this. Until finally you put it down and you realize the brilliant bright light that you are is even greater. Bless you mother, for you are loved.